My Training Journal Is Now on GitHub

Winter street workout

Several months ago I started my training journal. I should’ve done it long before that! I log every exercise now. I track my weight and make some small notes about feelings or personal records. I also take pictures every month.

Why do I need it?

For motivation! My progress is slow. I don’t look like Lazar Angelov (and will not, even in five years). I don’t compete or anything like that. Sometimes I lose any motivation. In those moments I need something to prove that I actually make progress, even if this progress is tiny. I remember that one year ago I did zero handstand pushups and only 7 pullups. Now I can do 6 handstand pushups in a balance (or 12 near wall) and 16 strict pullups! Isn’t it a progress? But it’s hard to remember how many reps exactly I did and when. Training journal is the solution! Log everything and in five years you will be able to draw a nice chart of your reps, squats personal records, bodyfat percentage or anything else.

Open Source

There is no secret in what I do in the gym and how my training plan looks like. I used to keep this log in Dropbox. But today I’m moving the journal to GitHub. Because I am an software engineer:) Here it is!