It's me in Porvoo, Finland:)

Hi, my name’s Stas Spiridonov.

I’m a software engineer. Currently I’m open for hire! I have 11 years of experience in software development and you can take a look at my resume here. I was born in Siberia and now live in Samara, Russia. What else would you like to know?

  • I’m deep into metal music. I enjoy visiting live concerts and here is a list of bands I’ve seen live so far.
  • I love travelling and taking photos. Take a look at a map of countries and cities I’ve visited. And I love hiking.
  • I’m a DIY person. I cook, fix my cars, TIG weld, build RC models, build custom car parts, etc.
  • I ocasionally play guitar and record covers by myself. I help my friends with sound recording and mixing.
  • Also I like drawing pencil portraits.
  • I love rock climbing, calisthenics and running (half-marathon finisher), and previously was doing crossfit and olympic weightlifting.


Email: stanislav@spiridonov.pro
Instagram: stas_spiridonov
GitHub: spiridonov
Twitter: @stas_spiridonov