Reading / Carb Back Loading

Guys, this book is about dieting. Honestly, I didn’t want to write any review on a book about food/dieting/exercises before I tested it on myself. As for dieting it obviously takes time. I wanted to test it and then write It works (or doesn’t work) for me!. As for this one I’ve got some results very quickly – my training performance has increased. I want to motivate you somehow, so I decided to let you know about this book right now and encourage you to do something with your ass:)

Don’t be afraind of pages amount. Huge part of this book contains references (because it’s based on real medical papers and researches), dieting plans and success stories. The rest is really easy to read.

Here are several highlights:

  • It works for strength training only. If you lift weight as mad at least three times a week – this is for you. If you do endurance training, crossfit, dance, yoga, swimming, running, housekeeping or other non-strength exercises – you will not profit from CBL. It is doable with progressive calisthenics, but this is separate big topic.
  • Time is important. If you train in the evening, your breakfast and lunch meals should be ultra low carb, and you should backload carbs after training. It’s that simple. Other options for gym time are available.
  • Few supplements involved. Don’t think you need to consume a lot of chemicals. Just buy a pure protein (whey isolate). Actually good protein is a must, no matter you lift hard or not. Add a banana and your post-workout shake is done.
  • It’s doable with local food. No tricky meals here. You can cook all this stuff at home, and all necessery products are simple and available in russian groceries.
  • Don’t listen to anybody. Read the book. If you have any question on CBL – read the book. Somebody else can distort these ideas, even myself:) So go read the book!

I’ve finished two other books (they are under testing now) and reading two more, will write about them later, stay tuned.

Leave your comments below and let me know if you are interested in exercises and dieting.