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Reading: Carb Back Loading

09 April 2014

Guys, this book is about dieting. Honestly, I didn’t want to write any review on a book about food/dieting/exercises before I tested it on myself. As for dieting it obviously takes time. I wanted to test it and then write It works (or doesn’t work) for me!. As for this one I’ve got some results very quickly – my training performance has increased. I want to motivate you somehow, so I decided to let you know about this book right now and encourage you to do something with your ass:)

Don’t be afraind of pages amount. Huge part of this book contains references (because it’s based on real medical papers and researches), dieting plans and success stories. The rest is really easy to read.

Here are several highlights:

I’ve finished two other books (they are under testing now) and reading two more, will write about them later, stay tuned.

Leave your comments below and let me know if you are interested in exercises and dieting.

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