Reading / Unwritten Laws of Engineering

In any enginieering company most of the problems are usually caused not by technical issues, but by personal or administrative matters. Actually it is true for any kind of companies. A good engineer should obeys both technical and personal laws. But the importance of latter is usually underrated.

Several editions of this book exist. Originally it was published as three articles in Mechanical Engineering magazine in 1944. Then it became a book, revisioned and edited several times. There is also The Unwritten Laws of Business version. I’ve read three articles from Mechanical Engineering magazine which were excerpted from revised book and issued in 2010. Those are not full, but enough to understand.

These unwritten laws describes what beginners should know when they start working in an engineering company, how managers and subordinates should communicate and organize thier work, how a good engineer should look like and behave with colleagues. These laws are extremely short and clear, I’m not going to retell them all here. I want you to read this book right now!