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Jupiter Ascending

08 February 2015

Expensive special effects, Channing Tatum’s elf-style ears, always perfect makeup on Mila Kunis, generally poor acting, Eddie Redmayne and his speaking defects, flying golden castles, old-style bureaucracy, numerous toilet cleaning scenes… And Sean Bean still alive by the end of the movie, yay!:)

Well. There is at least couple of things that really captured me.


Time is the most precious resource in the universe.

That phrase appeared only once in the whole movie. You could miss it. But it is actually the main idea. Time is the only thing we can not buy or produce. We waste it a lot on everyday basis. We regret about it when we are in our 40s. Think about it.

Human Existence

Nobody knows why we are here. Do you? There are many versions out here. Some of them are proposed by philosophers and religions. Hollywood directors also have ones. But this particular version of human existence is one of the most cruel. And here is why.

In The Matrix humankind was dominated by machines and artificial intelligence. These machines used human bodies for energy generation. Minds of these bodies were fooled by virtual reality in order to keep bodies alive. A group of rebels fought with the machines. Well, reasonable enough. This world around you is not real. You see this just because somebody wants you to stay warm.

Have you seen The Island movie? One company grew clones of wealthy sponsors for a future organ harvesting. Probably in this case you have a moral question about regular human biengs and clones identity. Good for you. But, yes, human beings kill another human beings to save their own lifes. It is not as honorable as fighting with machines. You live your life only for being harvested one fine day for organs by your rich biologically identical sponsor. Just don’t stress and keep healthy lifestyle, man!

And here we are: Jupiter Ascending. Our planet along with thousands others have been artificially seeded by human beings many centuries ago. This world is real, but it is like a cattle farm. Now it is not one for one as it was in case of The Island. Humans not just kill their clones, they annihilate whole planets. And they do it for money! Be fruitful and multiply! Enjoy your life, do whatever you want. When population is big enough they will extract 10 grams of essence from each of us to keep their skin nice and soft!

And that’s why I think it is cruel and disgusting. I would prefer to die in a battle with giant space insects, or be demolished by asteroid, or be dominated by machines. I even would be ok if there were no meaning of life at all. But I don’t want to be harvested by and enrich other human being! The problem is that reality is already like that and has always been so.

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